NWO Cultural Dynamics program

The SBS research program has been made possible by a major grant from NWO (the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research). Together with scientists, (inter)national organizations and companies, NWO funds and develops top quality research programs. SBS is part of the ‘Cultural Dynamics’ program of NWO.

The theme Cultural Dynamics is a multidisciplinary research program into the dynamic role of cultural heritage and the interaction between culture and society in both the past and the present. In this program, culture is defined in the broadest sense of the word to cover both material and non-material aspects. Examples are architecture, expressive arts, theatre, music, new cultural expressions that have been made possible by the new media and technology, but also the customs and rituals that are culturally determined. The process of how cultural heritage is formed and the link between culture and identity are the main foci of this program. In view of the international character of the theme, the research is not solely limited to the Dutch situation. Moreover, it concerns not only descriptions of current developments, relationships and situations but also the recognition and analysis of processes with a certain temporal depth that form the core of cultural dynamics.


  • Cultural Dynamics Program brochure, 2008. [PDF]